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Ace Mart offers flexible financing options on restaurant equipment

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Have you been putting off buying new equipment because it's just not in the budget right now? Lease financing allows you to get the equipment needed to grow your business today while spreading payments over time. In fact, over 80% of U.S. companies choose to lease some or all of their equipment because of the many advantages lease financing provides. To make these many advantages available to you, Ace Mart has partnered with QuickSpark, a premier financial services company, to provide flexible equipment financing options that help keep your business successful.

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Will I qualify?

In most cases, yes! QuickSpark covers the full spectrum of end users and corporations, from start-ups to fully established businesses. You'll just have to supply some basic information about your business, such as proof of business ownership and business structure details, and you will receive an answer within 30 seconds!

How do I apply?

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Click "Apply Now" below or the finance button on any equipment page to fill out an application.

Receive Documents

Upon approval, QuickSpark will email your lease documents directly to you.

Fill Them Out

Fill the forms out, sign them, and fax or email them back to QuickSpark.

You're Done!

You will receive a phone call from QuickSpark when your equipment arrives.

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Why finance if I can pay cash or get a bank loan?

Finance leases give you options that traditional bank loans or cash payments simply don't offer. Look over the chart below to learn about the advantages of a finance lease, and decide for yourself whether it's the right choice for you.

Lease Finance
Bank Loan

Simple and easy without extensive financing statements

Finance leases through QuickSpark offer simplified documentation, easy one page applications, accelerated approval times, and more.

(Full Payment Required)

Tax deductions on financed equipment

The IRS allows you to deduct interest as an expense on the finance lease each year and depreciate the cost of the asset over the life of the asset. Another option for qualified businesses is to take advantage of Section 179 of the IRS tax code, which allows you to deduct the full purchase price for qualifying equipment financed during that tax year from your taxable income, essentially giving you "free" usage for over a year.

Deferred payments until installation

If your business is not yet open, you can request payments be deferred to coincide with your expected cash flow after opening.

"100% Plus" financing, no cash outlay or down payment required

Cash flow is critical to the success of any business. Maintaining healthy cash reserves can help keep your business running in an emergency situation. Finance leases require no cash out-of-pocket; equipment can be taken into possession once an agreement is signed and approved, allowing you to earn profits from your new equipment faster.

(Banks Require Down Payment)

Monthly payments can be matched to cash flow requirements

One of the most flexible methods of acquiring equipment, finance agreements can be written to suit your particular business situation. Payments can be matched to project revenues, seasonal cash flow variations, budget limitations, and other challenges.

Fast purchase and receipt of equipment

Whether you're financing an emergency equipment purchase or planning an upgrade, a finance lease can be nearly as fast as paying cash but without the risks associated with tapping into your cash reserves. In many cases, approval happens so quickly that you can take possession of the equipment the same day!

(Full Payment Required)

Ownership options at the end of the term

With a finance lease, you have several choices regarding your equipment assets at the end of the agreement, which gives you the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs.

(Ownership Only)
(Ownership Only)

Conservation of Bank Lines

An available line of credit is an extremely valuable tool to address unforeseen financial expenses. Reducing your open lines of credit by using them to finance equipment can be risky.

(Full Payment Required)

Options for keeping equipment up to date

A lease finance agreement can be written for a term that fits the equipment's usefulness. At the end of the term, the equipment may be returned and a new agreement written for new equipment that best suits your current needs.

Financial reporting advantages

Finance leases can be structured to meet FASB requirements for "off balance sheet" accounting treatment.

(Shows Debt on Balance Sheet)
(Full Payment Required)

Avoiding bank restrictions

Leases do not include blanket liens, restrictive covenants, rate escalator clauses, "call anytime" provisions, compensating balance requirements, or any of those other little surprises that tend to be a part of traditional lending arrangements.

(Full Payment Required)
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