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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping and Deliveries

From where does Ace Mart ship its orders?

Most stock orders ship from our main distribution center in San Antonio, Texas. However, orders may also be shipped from our other warehouses and distribution centers in Texas or directly from the manufacturer (special order products).

How are shipping rates calculated?

Rates for Parcel Carriers are calculated automatically based on current rates, factoring in the weight, dimensions, number of boxes to be shipped, and distance. Rates for common carrier (truck freight) shipments are more complex, involving the weight and size of the items, the number of pallets needed, the freight classification of the shipment, as well as distance to be traveled. If your order requires a common carrier freight quote, we will generally have this available to you within a few hours.

What does the standard shipping cost include?

The shipping cost covers shipment from our loading dock to your desired shipping address, insured up to $100. Parcel Carrier shipments are delivered to either the front door or reception desk, if available. Large shipments shipped via common carrier (truck freight) will deliver to your loading dock and require a signature by your receiving personnel. If a loading dock is not available at your address, the delivery will be made curbside, meaning the driver is only responsible for getting the merchandise to the end of the driveway at your location, leaving you ultimately responsible for unloading, unpacking, and bringing your order indoors. Please note that the shipping cost does not include a liftgate to lower items from the back of the truck to the ground. If you do not have a loading dock, we highly recommend purchasing additional liftgate service, especially for heavy and/or bulky items.

Will you ship C.O.D.?

We do not ship orders C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

What is your minimum shipping cost on small orders?

Our minimum small order shipping cost is $6.95. For orders that calculate a shipping cost above $6.95, you pay only the actual shipping amount, no handling fees or carton charges.

Why do I get the message "Shipping Quote Pending" at checkout?

This message will appear if you have an item in your cart that does not qualify for Free Shipping (such as a Furniture item), an order shipping outside of the United States, or if network problems prevent a successful connection to the server used to calculate shipping costs. Please continue to finalize your order, and we will contact you via email within one business day with the total shipping cost for your approval before your order ships. You will not be billed for any amount until we have received your approval.

What does the standard shipping cost NOT include?

The following services are not included in the standard shipping price but are available at additional cost:

  • Liftgate delivery (For large or heavy freight shipments delivering to addresses without loading docks, a truck with a liftgate is used to lower the pallet of merchandise to ground level)
  • Inside delivery (Shipment will be brought inside and set in place, in its original packing materials if possible)
  • Set-up & assembly (Ace Mart Team delivery only--Equipment will be delivered inside, assembled, and set in place)
  • Call notification (Delivery driver will attempt to contact you by phone with his estimated delivery time)
  • Date specific delivery (Delivery will be made on a date you specify; however, specific delivery time is not available)
  • Rush shipment (By default, all orders will receive either the standard ground, Free Shipping, or special order shipping method, whichever is applicable.)

Please contact Customer Service prior to ordering if you will require any of these additional services.

What orders qualify for Free Shipping?

Orders over $400 (not including taxes, fees, and non-qualifying items) shipping to addresses within the continental United States are shipped at our cost using standard ground shipping methods. Please read the terms of our free shipping policy in our policies page for more information.

Why don't certain items, such as booths or kitchen sinks qualify for Free Shipping?

Because shipping charges are based on both the dimensions of the box being shipped and the weight, the large cartons most of these items are packed in are extremely expensive to ship, relative to the price of the item itself. In addition, the shipping price per piece can vary significantly when purchasing a few units versus purchasing several dozen, which we quote on an individual order basis to give you the best shipping cost possible. We take this extra step because of our desire to offer you the best selection of quality restaurant equipment and supplies at an affordable shipping cost.

Why does a certain product qualify for Free Shipping, but a similar one does not?

We may stock certain products in our warehouses and ship nearly identical products directly from the manufacturer, thereby resulting in two similar items having different shipping options and prices. For instance, a manufacturer may offer to ship an item from their factory directly to our customer and prepay the freight, which we will in turn pass to the customer in the form of Free Shipping. On the other hand, we may purchase a large truckload order of a SIMILAR item from that manufacturer to stock our warehouses, which results in a huge cost savings for us through purchasing in bulk. Again, we will pass this savings to the customer through lower prices, but since the merchandise will be shipping from our warehouses, it is necessary for us to charge the actual shipping cost for an order.

What orders do NOT qualify for Free Shipping?

The following do not qualify for our Free Shipping offer:

  • Orders less than $400
  • Items that are specifically excluded from this promotion, such as most furniture items, worktables, butcher blocks, etc.
  • Special order items not available on our website
  • All orders with expedited shipping (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3rd Day, Express shipments, etc.)
  • Orders shipping to addresses outside of the continental United States.

How much does shipping outside of the United States cost?

International shipping rates are determined by a variety of factors, including but not limited to: weight, dimensions, number of boxes, destination, fees and tariffs, and desired transit time. Contact Customer Service for assistance in determining the best shipping method to your destination.

What shipping methods does Ace Mart use?

Most parcels and items under 100 lbs. are shipped via Parcel Carrier. Larger orders can be shipped by freight line, air cargo, and other select methods. We can also ship to a freight forwarder located in the United States from whom you can arrange shipment to your destination. Contact Customer Service for assistance in determining the best shipping method for you.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

All shipments travel during normal business days, which do not include weekends, holidays, and other official days of rest. To estimate when your order will arrive, please use the chart below. This chart is provided for reference only and is not always reflective of true time frames. Please remember to take into account federal holidays, inclement weather, and other factors beyond our control that may affect the arrival of your order.

Ship Method Order Processing Time* + Transit Time   = Total Delivery Time
Next Day Air 1 business day 1 business day 2 business days from order date
 2nd Day Air 1 business day 2 business days 3 business days from order date
3rd Day Ground 1 business day 3 business days 4 business days from order date
Standard Ground 1 business day 1-8 business days 2-9 business days from order date
Free Shipping 1 business day 1-8 business days 3-10 business days from order date
All Special Orders 2-6 weeks 1-8 business days 3-8 weeks from order date

Next Day Air

+ 1 business day processing time

+ 1 business day transit time

= 2 business days for delivery from order date

2nd Day Air

+ 1 business day processing time

+ 2 business days transit time

= 3 business days for delivery from order date

3rd Day Air

+ 1 business day processing time

+ 3 business days transit time

= 4 business days for delivery from order date

Standard Ground

+ 1 business day processing time

+ 1-8 business days transit time

= 2-9 business days for delivery from order date

Free Shipping

+ 1 business day processing time

+ 1-8 business days transit time

= 3-10 business days for delivery from order date

All Special Orders

+ 2-6 Weeks processing time

+ 1-8 business days transit time

= 3-8 weeks for delivery from order date

*Orders placed online and via phone are received into our system for initial processing the next business day.

Please note that international shipping times may vary. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

My order qualifies for Free Shipping but I need it faster. How can I do this?

Orders that qualify for Free Shipping that are shipped via Parcel Carrier will have the option for expedited shipping available at checkout. However, this calculation is not possible for certain large or heavy items that must be shipped via common carrier (truck freight). In this case, contact Customer Service for assistance in providing you with a quote for an expedited freight shipment.

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